Performance: Real Time Information System & Data

In today’s difficult climate for public transit, it is extremely important to optimize resources. Adhering to the schedule and delivering the expected quality of service is also essential to satisfy and retain passengers. All networks can now use digital technology to improve operations and analyse results, using our agile and efficient solutions.

Supervise operations in real time

Our supervision interface is a powerful tool that will give you a comprehensive and real-time view of your operation.

Track your vehicles in real time

visualisation carte supervision

Operational alerts

alertes exploitation supervision

Assess the punctuality of the current trips

thermomètre de ligne supervision

Review the history

Our video recorder allows you to play back all the movements of your vehicles to the second (revenue trips, deviations, deadheading)

rejeu diagnostique

Control schedule adherence

Our reporting interfaces provide you with a simple overview of schedule adherence

respect de l'offre de transport

Analyse actual performance

Our reporting interfaces provide you with a simple overview of schedule adherence

interface de temps de passage interface de comptage

Share access and empower your employees

You can assign rights so people can access the system based on their requirements and responsibilities. Most of our interfaces are responsive and can display information at any time, on any smart device. In the field, from the depot, when working from home.

schéma terrain dépôt télétravail

Take advantage of our partnerships

Zenbus can interface with third party systems to produce and distribute our data. In terms of data production, the ZenbusConnect interconnection lets you use a system already present in your vehicles to feed data to Zenbus and benefit from all our features, without any additional investment. Zenbus already has many operational interconnections. On request, we can also contact your supplier directly to explore the compatibility of our systems.