Zenbus Live

ZenbusLive includes all the Zenbus interfaces that provide real time information. These HMIs are mainly intended for passenger information and operations. Some are public, and others require access rights.

Passenger application

See your bus in real time! The Zenbus iOS/android app provides passengers with reliable information about their public transit network at all times. Passengers can geolocate themselves on a map, see where the vehicles are and get continuously updated information about when the bus will be at each stop, in real time. There is also a text message system that the Transit Authority, the operator or Zenbus can use to send the users information or to ask them for feedback.

Application Zenbus Voyageurs Application Zenbus Voyageurs Application Zenbus Voyageurs Application Zenbus Voyageurs

Passenger website

A responsive real-time map of the buses for the general public is also available on web browsers so that the Zenbus map of a network can be viewed on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Site Web Zenbus Voyageurs


iframe lets you easily integrate the Zenbus map in a website (smartphone or web view), or in a third party application.

Iframe Zenbus application tierce

Passenger information display

Zenbus can be used to display information on TFT monitors with a web browser. A contextualizable view (by single or multi-line stop) provides easy access to a map of approaching buses and information on when the next bus will arrive. More generally, Zenbus can feed data to any type of Passenger Information Display thanks to standardized APIs.

interface borne d'information voyageurs


Zenbus Supervision is an Operations Assistance interface that provides valuable information and alerts on the current operation of a public transport network. Accessible on any connected monitor via a login and password, it provides a general overview of the service completed and the remaining service to be provided, and offers accurate information on a vehicle or a line, such as the punctuality per stop and the distance between two vehicles. The console also features multiple, configurable alerts as well as access to all the arrival times for the day.

interface supervision carte
interface supervision thermomètre
interface supervision avance retard


The fleet management interface is designed to help the operator manage the vehicles and the on-board equipment that produces data. It offers many capabilities for fleet visualization, replay, analysis and filters related to geolocation and the quality of the telecom and GPS network.

interface rejeu diagnostic

Driver assistance

The Zenbus Driver application installed on tablets lets drivers easily see if they are running early or late, via the route map. Drivers can also view the theoretical arrival times of the current trip. The application can be configured to launch when the vehicle is started and to stay on during the trip.

interface application conducteur auto interface application conducteur avance interface application conducteur itinéraire