Zenbus API

For all our networks, from the smallest to the largest, we currently produce the following API formats: GTFS, GTFS-RT, for which we implement the complete specs when the data exists on our side. Today these APIs integrate TripUpdate and VehiclePosition, and soon Alert, SIRI Lite (and, via converter, an Abo mode SIRI, Paris region & France profile) with all essential services, including StopMonitoring, VehicleMonitoring and LinesDiscovery. We also have a proprietary format, more similar to our internal interchange format.

PID Data Feed

National Access Point Publication

Plan d'accès national For more information, see our page on compliance.

Third Party System Data Feed

From the very outset, Zenbus has been committed to open data. We firmly believe in the value of data reuse, in particular for Mobility as a Service. We won first prize in the French Dataconnexions competition in 2013 in the “Mobility” category. The architecture was designed “natively” with a dual requirement of open-source data and scalability.