Zenbus Collect

Zenbus relies on real-time data that it controls at the source, in the public transit vehicles. The data can be derived from any of the following sources:

Driver App

Zenbus Driver is an android application for public transit drivers that is very easy to use and non intrusive. Just a few clicks at the start of your shift and that’s it: real-time data is produced, processed on the fly and fed into all our interfaces. Zenbus Driver is compatible with all types of android terminals, smartphones and tablets.

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Zenbus Box

The Zenbus Box is a smart GPS unit connected to the vehicle's power supply that transmits the vehicle's position in real time. It can also connect to other ports (CANbus, FMS) and then transmit additional information, such as the occupancy rate, business data or vehicle data.

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Zenbus Connect

Zenbus Connect links to all the third party systems able to supply Zenbus with their own real time data, such as ticket sales, passenger information systems, WIFI, diagnostic units and sensors, as long as they have a sim card and a GPS module. These systems provide Zenbus with data through an API, such as the identity of the driver, the name of the line, the name of the route and the occupancy rate.

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