Legal issues: compliance with the French mobility orientation law (LOM)

The French mobility orientation law (LOM) of 24 December 2019 expands the scope of transport and mobility service data, which must be open and free of charge. This is in line with the accelerated development of digital mobility services, such as MaaS. There is still a long way to go, especially when it comes to open dynamic data. The good news is that it’s easy for all networks to be in compliance!

schéma loi LOM

Since our first prize at Dataconnexions and our participation in the committee of the debate on open data, we have been fully committed to open-source transport data. Zenbus is the open data-as-a-service for your transit system!

We integrate the theoretical offer

To do this, we import your static data and, if necessary, we upgrade it and format it in GTFS.

Interface de gestionnaire de feed Interface de modélisation

We collect real-time data

We generate standard APIs on the fly

GTFS-RT and SIRI StopMonitoring

We publish these APIs on the French National Access Point

Dozens of networks have already opened up their data thanks to Zenbus. We support all types of Transit Authorities in this area. Plan d'accès national

We work hand in hand with reusers

Schéma ouverture des données avec Zenbus